Buying A Formal Watch

I was searching through some designer watches online.  was after a new watch, the watch had to be a formal one so I was after more of a stainless steel smart look. I did a bit of research online before I began looking to buy a watch to find out what would be the best looking formal watch and what designer brand I should go for.

After spending my time researching designer brands and watches that are in my price range that are also formal too. I realised that Armani brand designer watches would be what is best suited for me. I looked at Armani watches and I really liked them! What I liked was how smart and clean they look. They really have the simplistic yet modern look to them that I really like.


As you can imagine, once I found out what brand and style I was after I started to look  online to find out where I could buy this sort of watch and this brand too. I came across many websites that sell designer watches and all of them had Armani watches ready to buy but choosing the right person to buy from wasn’t as hard as you would imagine. I looked at a jeweller called Design Centre Jewellery Quarter. They stocked some of the finest range of watches, including the style I was after and the brand too. What made things even easier was that the jeweller is only 30 minutes drive from where I live so it was so convenient.  I did end up buying a watch from them.  I went to visit them last week and looked at the watch I saw online, in the jeweller itself so I go the sense of wether I liked it or not straight away.

Furniture Shopping Again

It was just a normal day and my partner and I decided we would go on a little shop for new furniture for our home. I wasn’t expecting it to be a surprising shop but it did end up being quite surprising after all.

We thought that we should go and visit some of the local DIY stores like B&Q, Wickes and all those popular stores. I wasn’t sure what I was after and neither was my partner. We just like to go on these little shops all the time because we love to add new items and furniture in our homes. Interior designing is a hobby for us so we do enjoy it I suppose. So we headed over to some of the DIY stores and to be quite honest none of them really had anything that attracted out attention and made us want to buy from them. After a while looking we headed over to the bathroom section of one of the stores and there it was. I noticed something that literally made me scream!

hot tub

It is so embarrassing but funny at the same time. I guess at this moment in time you are probably itching to know what this was I saw? What I saw was a hot tub! I loved the hot tub and I immediately wanted to buy it. My partner didn’t agree and was very stubborn, I knew I couldn’t leave the hot tub there so I spoke to my partner about it. In the end we both agreed that we should wait it out plus my partner knows of a place that only sells hot tubs called Sutton Spas, we will probably end up going there very soon I have already been checking their hot tub areas.

Perfect Heating For Your Bathroom

I have discovered a new way to heat up my bathroom efficiently and safely and I am willing to share it with you.

What I discovered was underfloor heating. I appreciate that most of you have probably already read about it and may even know about underfloor heating in bathrooms, but please… Let me finish. What I will be covering in todays post is why underfloor heating is ideal for your bathrooms and how it is safer along with other useful information about underfloor heating.

Whys is underfloor heating perfect for your bathroom? It is because underfloor heating provides you with warm floors. Who doesn’t want warm floor in their bathrooms? This is the sort of luxury you would wish for and you will no longer have to step on cold floors again!

The main reasons why underfloor heating is much more practical

Underfloor heating is hidden underneath your flooring, this not only allows you to have more freedom of interior design and just space in general it is so much safer. It is safer because your bathrooms can be a very dangerous place once condensation forms after taking a long hot shower or bathing. This condensation will cause the surface of your whole bathroom to be wet, no matter how much you may try to avoid it. Having a radiator in your bathroom can quickly become a health and safety hazard due to how sharp the corners are and where it is placed because the wet floors can causes you to slip and seriously injure yourself by hitting your radiators on the way down. With underfloor heating this will no longer be a problem because it is essentially invisible!

Vintage Pen Collection

I was looking online for a new pen to add to my collection. you see I am a pen collector,you probably didn’t know but at least you know now…

Let me tell you a bit about myself first. I have been collecting pens ever since I was child. This is a very early age to start collecting things but I still remember and I still have the pen my father gave me when I was a little child. It was a printed pen, the print that was on the pen was of one of my favourite cartoons as a child. This pen meant so much to me when I was a child and was my favourite pen. What is remarkable about this story is that, that pen is still my favourite pen and it means even more to me now than it ever did before. Sadly, my father passed away at a fairly young age. This is what triggered my collection habits as most of you would call it. I collect printed pens as a honour to my late and great father. I am sorry you had to hear this but at least you know more about me as an individual.

printed pens

The printed pen that I have been looking for is one of the vintage superman pens. and vintage superhero printed pens to add to my cartoon pens collection. My collection isn’t huge however I decided quality over quantity and for me quality is pens that mean the most to me. This is why I only go for fictional character printed pens from my day and age.  I will continue my search in finding more of these pens. If you have any ideas where I can obtain these pens please let me know.

Have You Considered Cleaning Your Ducts?

Have you had your ducts cleaned before? If you haven’t, I would strongly recommend you do so and hopefully by reading this post you will be fuelled with enough information to finally consider cleaning your ducts.

I have had my kitchen ducts cleaned. Why I had my kitchen ducts cleaned is because I am very strict on kitchen and food hygiene so I want to make sure everything is immaculate and 99.9% clean if possible!


How did I discover that my kitchen ducts needed cleaning?

I discovered this while I was going through a cleaning spree of my kitchen. I noticed there was a lot of grease build up on my ducts and inside my ducts. I tried to clean them myself with heavy duty cleaning sprays but no of them worked and if they did it took way too much hard work and just was so impractical for me to do it myself. I had a look to see if I could get a professional kitchen duct cleaning company to come over and do it for me.

I called a company called De-Duct. They are very proffesional and very efficient. They told me that it was a veyr good idea that I decided to have my kitchen ducts cleaned and they also said not many poeple are aware of the improtance of duct cleaning. They told me there is piled of dust, dead insects and mold building up in my kitchen ducts. I was disgusted to hear this so I was very happy to finally have them cleaned and rid off the contaminants.



I have posted a shocking before and after picture below.


Looking For A Jewellery Focused Area

I was looking for a place to go to where I can buy fine jewellery from. I preferably wanted this place to be an area dedicated to fine jewellery. No I know there will be a few of you who will probably be saying…

“Wait. These places exist?”

Yes they do! I know of a few places already but the only reason why I haven’t gone to them areas is because they are so far away from where I live. I just want this place to be near me. I started to think that a place dedicated to jewellery didn’t exist in the Midlands and I was starting to lose hope. I was after a dedicated are because it is so much easier to buy jewellery in an area like this because everything is local and is easier to compare. What makes these sort of areas amazing os that the variety of jewellers and jewellery available causes there to be very competitive prices and more creative jewellery.

birmingham jewellery quarter

I thought I will have a look online just to try and find this sort of area in hope to find one in the Midlands. To my amazement I found website called the jewellery quarter. This is when it hit me! The jewellery quarter. How could I possibly forget about the jewellery quarter BIrmingham?! The jewellery quarter is exactly what I was after. It is the one place for it all in terms of jewellery. I was so relived to have this place local to me and I managed to buy what I was looking for!


The Popularity Of Watches

Watches are very popular in todays society and you wonder why? It quite obvious as to why this is the case though,  I mean watches can come in various styles and even purposes not to mention how fashionable they are now!

Watches can come in both for men and for women too. I can imagine that you already are aware of this. What makes watches so popular is that they are multifunctional. They can be worn as jewellery as well as being able to tell the time and be use to express your wealth status!

Watches these days are usually worn by men mostly due to the fact that watches for men are very popular. Men like to brag about things they purchase and also how wealthy they are. I am a man myself and I am only speaking from my perspective and it is just an opinion so please… Don’t shoot me!


So why do men like to wear watches? 

Below is a short list of some of the main reasons why I think they might like to wear these expensive watches (In no particular order).

  • Show of wealth status on an individualRolex-Daytona-Rainbow
  • Express the wearers style and fashion sense
  • To compliment a formal suit
  • To keep track of the time!
  • To fill up empty “wrist space”

Those are a few of the reasons why I think men wear watches. If you are looking to buy a watch for yourself or a loved one as a gift then you can look online via search engines to help locate the perfect watch for you or a loved one. Two of the best search engines are Google or Bing.


In Home Spa

I was looking online to try and find some hot tubs at a good price. Why? I hear you ask. The reason why I want to buy a hot tub is because I am working on converting on of my room in my home to a spa. I want it to contain a sauna, massage chair, hot tub, and possibly a tanning bed. I am not sure yet.

hot tub

The room that I am converting is very large so there is no space issues. I already have the sauna and the massage chair fitted but I need a hot tub. I was looking online for cheap hot tubs to try and find one that is as good as I want it to be at a price that isn’t too expensive, although money isn’t much of a problem if I can save a bit of money then that is ideal. I did come across a company called Sutton Spas, they have a huge range of luxury hot tubs! I ordered mine of them and I am currently waiting for it to arrive. I will keep you posted!

Researching on Underfloor Heating

I found out about underfloor heating last week and ever since then I have been very keen on finding out more about underfloor heating and possibly installing it for myself in my own home. What has interested me the most about underfloor heating is the 3ay that it works and how it can heat up your home.


I have been reading up a lot about the positives and negatives of the way this heating systems works and what you can expect from it in terms of comfort and practicality. So far I have been trying to find out every bit of information I can possibly attain from researching and include to weather or not I should install underfloor heating in my home. There are many positives about underfloor heating such as warm floors, equal distribution of heat, very low running costs and no maintenance etc. There a fewer negatives of underfloor heating, some of the main could be that it is hard to access, requires the flooring to be raised to make room for it and that it runs on low temperatures etc. I am still doing more research before I buy.

Looking At New Cars

I was looking at a new car yesterday so I can finally replace my old one that I have had for 3 years now. I was looking for a car dealers in Staffordshire, if you are wondering why Staffordshire and no other place, is because I am born, raised and live in Staffordshire so it is a lot easier for me.

for sale car

I did some research online to locate some more car dealers that I already don’t know about so I can find a larger variety of cars. I know it is much easier knowing what car you are after before you go looking for one but I don’t have a clue on what car I want to have next so I am just looking at car dealers and deciding by what like when I get there. I don’t have a huge budget but I am looking to sped around ten or eleven thousand pound on my new car so I am guessing that should be enough to buy  myself a pretty decent car anyway.

New EcoBAY lighting

I recently purchased a new high bay lighting system in my office. The high bay lighting I bought isn’t the usual high bay lighting you will usually buy. The lighting I bought was the EcoBAY. You may be wondering what the difference is between the two, believe me I was thinking the exact same thing when I bought my new lighting.


What makes the EcoBAY the best industrial lighting is that the EcoBAY has a superior build structure, it has no rivets and only threaded entries throughout. This lighting system is also built to last too with fully detachable parts, the one that I have also comes with the “gull wing reflector technology” this is unique to the EcoBAY. It is a single  cell reflector. With this unique reflector it can reflect up to 94,42% light output ratios.

One of the best features with this lighting is that they are fully programmable via a remote handset. If you are looking to buy this particular lighting or a similar EcoBAY lighting then you should visit for more.

Picking Up Equipment For My Pond

I was in need of a twin wall pipe yesterday because it was a pipe I needed to complete my water system for my pond I was trying to install in my back garden. I heave always wanted to have a pond fitted in my back garden so I can just relax and watch the fish swim in a more natural environment than just a fish tank. I have had the pond installed but I didn’t have the piping sorted and my biggest problem here was that I didn’t but the pond with the piping included because I go it a good deal.


This meant that I had to buy all the piping and accessories to make it work separately. I called my friend a long who is a plumber to help find the equipment and piping I would need to get this running and he said the main thing you will need is a special twin wall pipe due to the way it is positioned etc and a few other bits of piping. We did manage to get everything we needed and I will keep you posted on how it looks when it is complete.

Finding A Thermal Sensor Floodlight

I was in need of a lighting system in my back garden to light up my garden when I am in it in the night only. I wanted one that would turn on only when there is something live in front of it and not just by any movement at all.  I wasn’t sure what this lighting was called and what to type in to find one so I searched online for a bit of help.


This lighting is also ideal for security reasons too. With a bit of help online I found out what the lighting is called and I also found a great place to purchase mine from too. The lighting system is called a floodlight and the one that I needed would have to have a thermal sensor too. I found a website called They had a range of eco friendly lighting available. I chose to buy an LED floodlight, my flood light is black in colour and can be directly connected to the mains. What is best about mine is that it does come with a thermal sensor and it is energy efficient.

I Passed Now I Need A Car!

I have recently passed my driving test! I am so happy to be finally able to drive, I have been wanting to be abel to drive for almost a year and now I have finally passed I feel so great! There is only one issue though, I haven’t got a car to drive… This is like the most annoying part of passing, I am so happy I assed but so sad I haven’t got a car.

for sale car

This is why I have been searching for used cars in Staffordshire to try and find myself a car that I can actually drive and make use of my new skill. I am looking to buy a small car because I don’t exactly want to drive a huge car, firstly because I don’t like big cars and secondly, because small cars are easier to drive. I was looking to buy a Vauxhall Corsa because I really like the way they drive and look. I have found one I really like now I just have to pick it up whenever my dad is free, that is if I like it.

Your Limo Hire

When it comes to Limousines, finding the right company is important. There’s plenty of brokers out there looking to make a quick dollar, sacrificing quality for profits and therefore leaving you with a half hearted experience and the ‘could have been’ that never was.

Well Your Limo Hire is here to save your troubles. A nationwide provider of limousine and wedding cars, you’ll be sure to find your dream vehicle in their fleet somewhere. Whether you be looking for limousine hire in Essex, or supercar hire in London – they will be sure to have the solution for you.

When you are looking for limo hire, you have to be careful not to look only at the cheapest companies as there is a lot of the time a reason for this. After looking into reviews of and speaking to a few friends that have used them in the past, I was certain that they were the company for me.

Check them out yourself over at and find the perfect limo for you

Have Your Kitchen Ducts Been Cleaned?

Are your kitchen ducts clean? If your answer to this question is no then I would seriously you to have your kitchen ducts cleaned. Why have them cleaned? You may be wondering, the answer to that question is simple. Kitchen duct cleaning is very important because it is the one place where all your food preparation takes place and the last thing we would want is to fall seriously ill after eating our own food in our own properties. What does dirty ducts have anything to do with this? Could be another question going through your mind and that is expected.


The ductwork system in your properties are often over looked and usually never get cleaned. Keeping your ducts clean is important because over time the ducts will build up a lot of dust, debris, dead insects, insect dropping, mould, bacteria and worse… Infections. These infections are known to form deep inside your ducts then affect anyone who breathes the air in that flows through the ducts which could potentially cause you and everyone else to fall ill. Do not let this happen to by calling a duct cleaning company today.

My Mums Birthday Gift

It is my mums 36th birthday coming up this weekend and I needed to buy a gift for her. I already bought her a card, some banners, helium balloon and other little extras but I still haven’t got her a gift. I thought about what to get for a while bit I was pretty stuck. I typed into search engines things like, gift ideas for her and mums gift ideas but the things that came up were just little and a bit pointless if I am honest. I knew my mum likes earrings and some of her favourite type of earrings are 9ct gold hoop earrings. She likes to wear hooped earrings a lot and I have always been her personal favourite so I thought why not get her a new pair?

hooped earrings

I headed over to some jewellers near me to try and find some really nice hoop earrings at a fair price and I found some earrings that I thought looked great and a lot better than the ones she already has. Hopefully she likes them!

Ants Ruining My LIfe

I gradually noticed in my home an increase of ants. I had no idea how they started coming into my home and why they chose my home to start invading. It all started off seeing about 4-5 ants a day and it slowly got worse, at the start I just thought it is because of the season. I used to remove them from my house but once it got to a stage where I kept seeing them it got really frustrating. I started to put ant powder around my home to hopefully get rid of them but they where really persistent and kept entering my home somehow and I didn’t know why.


I decided to look online for pest control Tamworth because I was really annoyed and wanted this problem sorted as soon as I could. The pest control came over and did a check to see where there might be issues. I told them where I saw them mostly and they said it’s probably because there was a drumstick lollipop on the floor there and the ants were after the sugar to take back with them to their nest.

Struggling to find fine jewellery?

When it comes to buying jewellery there are many jewellers one can go to visit to buy the jewellery they are after which is all great, but when it comes to fine jewellery you may seem to struggle to find one. Fine jewellers can be hard to find because in order for a jeweller to be a fine jeweller they usually have to be able to have stock that is very unique, stylish and be able to sell a lot of fine gems like, diamonds, rubies, pearls etc.

birmingham jewellery quarter

If you are having a hard time to find a fine jeweller, I know your struggle. The reason why I know your struggle is because I too was after fine jewellery. I live in Birmingham so you can probably imagine the variety of jewellers that will be available for me locally however I still struggled. I did find one eventually.

I went to visit the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham to hopefully find the best possible jewellers. This was the best choice I made because the quarter was filled with fine jewellers and they are also very close together so it is easy to compare.

Horrible Morning Surprise

I woke up one morning because I could hear what sounded like a jet wash heating the downstairs ceiling. When I woke up I was very worried thats one of water pipes have some how managed to burst and as I got closer I had a right to be concerned. I walked into my garage and it one of my hallways that leads into a garage, opened the door and it was like I walked into a sauna room. The whole place was steamed up the walls where all wet and the hot water pipe was burst. I was in complete disbelief. I started to panic and woke my husband up. Plumber He came downstairs in a hurry and was very annoyed the fact that it burst he said he will call an emergency plumber to come and have look. He came very quickly, in around 15 mins in fact and he brought a long some pieces of copper and a welding machine and repairs the burst pipe. He also said that in order to prevent this from happening again I should wrap the pipes in insulation tubes to stop them from getting cold.

Another Event To Host

I went to an event that one of my family members was hosting. It was hosted at someones house. You may be wondering at this point the event was and why my family member was hosting this event? Don’t I will answer your questions first of all, one of my distant cousins hosts

Cartoon Business Card

events for a living he hires equipment for events and helps manage them too. The event that he hired equipment for was a girls 18th birthday and he also managed the event too and took me a long with him to help. There was a lot of equipment we had to shift into this home and set up and trying to get it all done on time was one of our main worries. Although I wasn’t allowed to enjoy the girls 18th birthday party I still had a great time listening to the music and helping out. I noticed the the invitations she gave out to people and i asked her where she got them printed from because they where so unique, she said she got them done from printers Birmingham called Big In Ink.

My Friends And I Love Shopping

I was heading over to the city centre to go on a shopping spree with my friends again. Yes, I said again I am always going on these shopping spree’s I think it’s probably about time I should stop doing them as I spend so much, nonetheless we still go. So we headed off to the city centre with 2 of my best friends names Clair and Angelina. Clair loves to buy jewellery and spends all of her time dragging me into jewellers and say “oh my god Laura look at how beautiful this is”.



I am just like Clair you do this to everything you see, although she has a taste for fine jewellery. It’s like she is attracted to shiny objects. Her favourite jewellery shop is Hamlingtons. Anything that is shiny and sparkly enough she will like, Angelina on the other hand, is more of a simple girl who like to dress a lot more sophisticated. With me I just like to wear anything that is colourful and vibrant. I also like clothing with bright coloured patterns and shapes too. By now you have probably realised how different we all are. This is what makes us closer I guess.

Kitchen Hygiene Is A Must

If you are in the food industry you should already be aware of how important food hygiene is and the effects of not having appropriate measure can have on your own business.


If you are in the food service industry in order for you business to even be able to run never mind generating any income or provide a service for other it has to pass the food and hygiene inspection. Now this inspection if done right will be thorough and you need to make sure you clean properly. You have to make sure you clan the places ypi wouldn’t normally look because those are the places that will be inspected the most. Certain places like, back of your stoves, underneath units and even kitchen ducts. Kitchen duct cleaning is also very important because the food industry requires your kitchen to be virtually bacteria free because the last thing you would want to do is spread the bacteria onto the food and have that food get sent to customers who will then be in the risk of falling ill.