Your Limo Hire

When it comes to Limousines, finding the right company is important. There’s plenty of brokers out there looking to make a quick dollar, sacrificing quality for profits and therefore leaving you with a half hearted experience and the ‘could have been’ that never was.

Well Your Limo Hire is here to save your troubles. A nationwide provider of limousine and wedding cars, you’ll be sure to find your dream vehicle in their fleet somewhere. Whether you be looking for limousine hire in Essex, or supercar hire in London – they will be sure to have the solution for you.

When you are looking for limo hire, you have to be careful not to look only at the cheapest companies as there is a lot of the time a reason for this. After looking into reviews of and speaking to a few friends that have used them in the past, I was certain that they were the company for me.

Check them out yourself over at and find the perfect limo for you

Have Your Kitchen Ducts Been Cleaned?

Are your kitchen ducts clean? If your answer to this question is no then I would seriously you to have your kitchen ducts cleaned. Why have them cleaned? You may be wondering, the answer to that question is simple. Kitchen duct cleaning is very important because it is the one place where all your food preparation takes place and the last thing we would want is to fall seriously ill after eating our own food in our own properties. What does dirty ducts have anything to do with this? Could be another question going through your mind and that is expected.


The ductwork system in your properties are often over looked and usually never get cleaned. Keeping your ducts clean is important because over time the ducts will build up a lot of dust, debris, dead insects, insect dropping, mould, bacteria and worse… Infections. These infections are known to form deep inside your ducts then affect anyone who breathes the air in that flows through the ducts which could potentially cause you and everyone else to fall ill. Do not let this happen to by calling a duct cleaning company today.

My Mums Birthday Gift

It is my mums 36th birthday coming up this weekend and I needed to buy a gift for her. I already bought her a card, some banners, helium balloon and other little extras but I still haven’t got her a gift. I thought about what to get for a while bit I was pretty stuck. I typed into search engines things like, gift ideas for her and mums gift ideas but the things that came up were just little and a bit pointless if I am honest. I knew my mum likes earrings and some of her favourite type of earrings are 9ct gold hoop earrings. She likes to wear hooped earrings a lot and I have always been her personal favourite so I thought why not get her a new pair?

hooped earrings

I headed over to some jewellers near me to try and find some really nice hoop earrings at a fair price and I found some earrings that I thought looked great and a lot better than the ones she already has. Hopefully she likes them!

Ants Ruining My LIfe

I gradually noticed in my home an increase of ants. I had no idea how they started coming into my home and why they chose my home to start invading. It all started off seeing about 4-5 ants a day and it slowly got worse, at the start I just thought it is because of the season. I used to remove them from my house but once it got to a stage where I kept seeing them it got really frustrating. I started to put ant powder around my home to hopefully get rid of them but they where really persistent and kept entering my home somehow and I didn’t know why.


I decided to look online for pest control Tamworth because I was really annoyed and wanted this problem sorted as soon as I could. The pest control came over and did a check to see where there might be issues. I told them where I saw them mostly and they said it’s probably because there was a drumstick lollipop on the floor there and the ants were after the sugar to take back with them to their nest.

Struggling to find fine jewellery?

When it comes to buying jewellery there are many jewellers one can go to visit to buy the jewellery they are after which is all great, but when it comes to fine jewellery you may seem to struggle to find one. Fine jewellers can be hard to find because in order for a jeweller to be a fine jeweller they usually have to be able to have stock that is very unique, stylish and be able to sell a lot of fine gems like, diamonds, rubies, pearls etc.

birmingham jewellery quarter

If you are having a hard time to find a fine jeweller, I know your struggle. The reason why I know your struggle is because I too was after fine jewellery. I live in Birmingham so you can probably imagine the variety of jewellers that will be available for me locally however I still struggled. I did find one eventually.

I went to visit the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham to hopefully find the best possible jewellers. This was the best choice I made because the quarter was filled with fine jewellers and they are also very close together so it is easy to compare.

Horrible Morning Surprise

I woke up one morning because I could hear what sounded like a jet wash heating the downstairs ceiling. When I woke up I was very worried thats one of water pipes have some how managed to burst and as I got closer I had a right to be concerned. I walked into my garage and it one of my hallways that leads into a garage, opened the door and it was like I walked into a sauna room. The whole place was steamed up the walls where all wet and the hot water pipe was burst. I was in complete disbelief. I started to panic and woke my husband up. Plumber He came downstairs in a hurry and was very annoyed the fact that it burst he said he will call an emergency plumber to come and have look. He came very quickly, in around 15 mins in fact and he brought a long some pieces of copper and a welding machine and repairs the burst pipe. He also said that in order to prevent this from happening again I should wrap the pipes in insulation tubes to stop them from getting cold.

Another Event To Host

I went to an event that one of my family members was hosting. It was hosted at someones house. You may be wondering at this point the event was and why my family member was hosting this event? Don’t I will answer your questions first of all, one of my distant cousins hosts

Cartoon Business Card

events for a living he hires equipment for events and helps manage them too. The event that he hired equipment for was a girls 18th birthday and he also managed the event too and took me a long with him to help. There was a lot of equipment we had to shift into this home and set up and trying to get it all done on time was one of our main worries. Although I wasn’t allowed to enjoy the girls 18th birthday party I still had a great time listening to the music and helping out. I noticed the the invitations she gave out to people and i asked her where she got them printed from because they where so unique, she said she got them done from printers Birmingham called Big In Ink.

My Friends And I Love Shopping

I was heading over to the city centre to go on a shopping spree with my friends again. Yes, I said again I am always going on these shopping spree’s I think it’s probably about time I should stop doing them as I spend so much, nonetheless we still go. So we headed off to the city centre with 2 of my best friends names Clair and Angelina. Clair loves to buy jewellery and spends all of her time dragging me into jewellers and say “oh my god Laura look at how beautiful this is”.



I am just like Clair you do this to everything you see, although she has a taste for fine jewellery. It’s like she is attracted to shiny objects. Her favourite jewellery shop is Hamlingtons. Anything that is shiny and sparkly enough she will like, Angelina on the other hand, is more of a simple girl who like to dress a lot more sophisticated. With me I just like to wear anything that is colourful and vibrant. I also like clothing with bright coloured patterns and shapes too. By now you have probably realised how different we all are. This is what makes us closer I guess.

Kitchen Hygiene Is A Must

If you are in the food industry you should already be aware of how important food hygiene is and the effects of not having appropriate measure can have on your own business.


If you are in the food service industry in order for you business to even be able to run never mind generating any income or provide a service for other it has to pass the food and hygiene inspection. Now this inspection if done right will be thorough and you need to make sure you clean properly. You have to make sure you clan the places ypi wouldn’t normally look because those are the places that will be inspected the most. Certain places like, back of your stoves, underneath units and even kitchen ducts. Kitchen duct cleaning is also very important because the food industry requires your kitchen to be virtually bacteria free because the last thing you would want to do is spread the bacteria onto the food and have that food get sent to customers who will then be in the risk of falling ill.

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